Performance management workshops.

High-performing employees yield better business and organizational results.  Managers are expected to optimize employee performance by providing direction, coaching and feedback.  HR reminds managers to “give feedback early and often”; “have conversations all the time”; and HR rule #1: “No surprises at performance review time”.   Sound advice, except that only about 6% of managers are skilled at having candid performance conversations. 

Employee Performance Solutions action learning workshops and simple conversation framework will change the way your employees, managers and senior leaders give and receive performance insight.   Everyone gets the information they need, managers have a system for giving feedback with minimal discomfort and your organization does what it was meant to: focus on the business. All with less emphasis on documentation and forms – and more emphasis on informal, insightful, adult-to-adult conversations the 11-months before annual performance evaluation season.

Workshop for managers

Manager’s Performance Management Workshop
The Art and Science of Performance Feedback

This workshop teaches managers how to engage in formal and informal performance feedback  conversations throughout the year. Participants learn to provide feedback for all 6 performer types in their organization: from star employees who need positive feedback to disruptive employees who need to be made aware of their disruptive behavior.   Read more or dowload the pdf description here.

Workshop for all employees

Modern Performance Management Workshop for ALL Employees
Self-Driven Performance Feedback

Waiting for your manager to give you feedback can be frustrating. You either don’t get enough feedback or you get generic feedback like “Keep up the good work.” In this workshop, you’ll learn how to ask the right questions to get insightful, real-time feedback. And you’ll better understand what you do well – and what you could do to be even more effective.     Read more