Only 6% of managers are skilled at giving performance feedback.*

Is that good enough for your business' performance? 

Start using an easy-to-learn performance management process where: 

  • everyone learns to self-gather ongoing feedback – throughout the year, as they work
  • managers become skilled at giving meaningful ongoing feedback

It's easy to learn how with our:


Employees: Never wait for feedback. Learn to self-gather your own feedback now, not just at annual review time. We’ll show you how.
Managers: Learn how to have 10-minute performance conversations with our hearable and sayable approach. Position feedback non-confrontationally – and share responsibility for it with employees.
No more:
  • waiting for the manager to initiate a conversation
  • performance conversations only at the end of the year – when no one can remember what happened 

What are you waiting for? Learn more.

Easy ways to train your entire team:

*According to the Mercer 2013 Global Performance Management Survey of 1,050 organizations in 53 countries only 3% said the performance management system adds exceptional value. Only 6% said managers were good at giving performance feedback. Yet one in three organizations said the ability of managers and employees to engage in performance conversations has the greatest impact on company performance. We can help you change this.